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Protective Film for Polycarbonate Sheet(Technical Document)
Zhejiang Aoci Decoration Material Co.,Ltd.  Time:2013/12/26

Polyethylene protective film is an essential accessory in the production of Polycarbonate sheets. The main purpose of the protective film is to protect the sheet from scratching and other damage that may occur during product handling until instillation. The PE protective film is removed when instillation is complete. Polycarbonate, its intrinsically poor scratching resistance and this is the main reason for applying a protective film on all types of PC sheets. Most companies print essential information on the film such as an indication of UV protection side, installation instructions, cleaning instructions and producer details. It might seem to be a simple task to find a PE protective film of good quality for PC sheets protection; however, this is not the situation.

A protective film for PC sheets must comply with some requested performances. The most important is the film gluing properties. The film must be glued to the sheet with enough adhesive to stay firmly in place, until the customer is ready to remove it. Once removed, the protective film should not leave any residue from the glue. The gluing properties must remain stable after brief exposure to the sun. Some poor quality protective films adhere so strongly after brief sun exposure and subsequently, cannot be removed. The film should be easily applied onto the sheet during production, without creating wrinkles. The printing and the color of the film must be stable without migration to the sheets due to heat or exposure to the sun.

These are just some of the technical requirements of the protective film. Sheets producers must purchase a protective film from experienced manufacturers that can provide them with high quality film and with optimal properties.

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