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Roma UV-PC Corrugated Sheet

Like other polycarbonate sheets, corrugated polycarbonate sheets combine strength, impact resistance, and transparency. The added advantage of corrugated polycarbonate sheets is the long-span coverage they provide by overlapping the panels, making them ideal for plastic corrugated roofing installations. With the sheets' high light transmission plenty of natural sunlight is able to pass through, making them a perfect choice for stadiums and greenhouses. Popular for use in stadiums the natural light coming through the corrugated plastic sheets is conducive to growing grass for the players on the field, while spectators in the stands are protected from the weather and UV rays.

Our polycarbonate corrugated roofing sheet are manufacture under the most advanced technology and equipments, adopting polycarbonate (PC) as main materials, mixing with anti-UV agent and other accessory intgredient . They have stable properties, not easy to turn yellow and becoming inferior. They own high ability to absorb and prevent ultraviolet ray approve to 99.9% effectively.

Properties of UV-PC Corrugated Sheet
• Light transmission: Fine light transmitting rate, approve to 30~ 85%.
• Weather resistance: with anti-UV weather treatment on the surface, it can prevent the resin from fatigue and yellowing caused by UV. The anti-UV agent on the surface can change the UV absorbed by chemical bond into visible light, and finely stabilize the photosynthesis of plants.
• Impact resistance: with the strength as 250 times of the ordinary glass, 30 times as the PMMA sheet, it has less risk of breakage
• Fire retardant: Fire retardency is up to B2 level (based on the National GB8625-88 test. Without flame or toxic gas).
• Temperature toleration: Without deformation within the temperature range from-40° C to +120° C.
• Sound insulation: It is the best transparent materials for sound insulation engineerings as expressways, factories, etc...
• Portability: Light weight, easy handling and drilling, not easy breakage in cutting installation, simple construction and fine treatment.
Roma Type PCZ810-76-18, PCZ930-76-16, PCZ930-79-16, PCZ1050-76-18
Thickness 0.8~2.5mm
Width 810mm, 930mm, 1050mm
Wave Span 76mm, 79mm
Wave Height 16mm, 18mm
Length 5800mm usually, can be by client' requests ,too.
Color Transparent, Opal, Blue usually, can be by clients' requests, too.
Warranty 10 years. (5 for yellowing, 10 for usage)
Packing Kraft paper or pallets.
Production Line Three lines for PC corrugated sheet.
Raw Materials 100% Virgin Resin from Bayer Germany, Sabic (GE), Teijin Japan.

Tolerances:Thickness±5%, Length±3mm, Width±3mm
Note: Non-standard sizes and special colors are available according to your requests.

1.Roofing/wall of agriculture greenhouse, garden, plant and cu ltivate;
2.Roofing/wall of station, yard, airport, bus shelter;
3.Roofing/wall of factory building, warehouse, family house;
4.Roofing/wall of business buildings;
5.Part of machine, household electrical appliances equipment;
6.Advertising, decorating, etc.
Notice when delivery, stockpile, installation

• Keep PC sheets away from wet cement surface or any alkaline/acid base materials.
• Keep frame clean and jointing groove flat and smooth.
• Use neutral glass cement and right gasket. Never use gasket of PVC material.
• Use electrical tools (tungsten carbide saw) to cut, stabilize PC panels to prevent their vibration.

Install with colourful steel corrugated sheet:
When PC roofing sheet is used for natural lighting, it is suggested the PC roofing sheet is lapped under the colorful steel sheet. If use self-drilling screws for fixing, the hole must be pre-drilled, the aperture should be 1,5 times larger than the diamenter of the screw, it is suggested to use roof hook for fixing. Do not tighten the screw strongly, otherwise stress will arise, and local crack on the sheet surface will appear.

About purline span:
For the sheet 1.0mm thick, the span of purline is suggested to be≦1000mm.
For the sheet 1.2mm thick, the span of purline is suggested to be≦1200mm.
For the sheet 1.5mm thick, the span of purline is suggested to be≦1500mm.  


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